How to Avoid Eating Gluten {my mistake}

How to Avoid Eating Gluten by Mistake and not pooping your pants!

You may have read my post about being sick for about 2 weeks allow me to elaborate without going into too much detail. A little history about me: I have had stomach issues for a long, long, long, time in addition I have a long standing history of chronic headaches and migraines. It sucked and consumed a large part of my life. I never knew if I was going to wake up with a headache, migraine, belly cramps, constipation, or diarrhea which makes life challenging to say the least. 

Fast forward to 2012 when my GI doctor {who I’m ever grateful for changing my life} sent me to a surgeon. He sent me to a specialist at a large university hospital since I was a complicated case. The surgery was horrible and more complicated than predicted but in the end my surgeon and his team did an amazing job and fixed me. That’s when I was advised to change my diet: no gluten, no carbonation, and no nitrate rich foods. 

My recovery served as a time to cleanse my gut and rid my body of the gluten antigen since I was on a liquid diet for awhile followed by pureed foods. Since committing to my gluten free diet my migraines and headache days have drastically decreased! My belly no longer feels bloated and my bowels are much more normal. 

Fast forward even further to last 2 months. I have made a pact with myself to get my ass back in shape. I joined crossfit classes, upgraded my healthy eating, and started drinking Herbalife shakes to get extra protein and nutrients. While, I was so focused on taking my life back my office started passing around a stomach bug and I thought I caught it! I was nauseated, dry heaved, spiked a fever, and I’m sorry to tell you this but I had such bad diarrhea I thought I might die. I couldn’t stay hydrated and I feel miserable! 

I kept going to work thinking I would get better soon since everyone else was only sick a day or two I didn’t understand why mine was lasting so long! I made a hundred excuses: I’m not getting enough rest, it’s a new environment with new germs, and crossfit is messing with my gut. I figured I should sign up to be an Herblife member so I could get a discount and I could start drinking their immunity drink. During the process of signing up I commented on how excited I was that these shakes are gluten free and come in so many flavors! The man cocked his head at me and said yeah if you ask them just about any shake can be gluten free! WHAT? They aren’t all gluten free? The chalkboard/menu says “Gluten Free, Sport, Protein” in the top right corner! He then explained that those are different options! It reads as if the shakes are: gluten free, great for sports, and high in protein. 

It all made sense! I never had that stomach virus I have been poisoning myself with a gluten shake everyday! I can only blame myself for making such a junior mistake but I made it and I don’t want you to make it too! 

Some tips to avoid accidentally eating gluten


1. READ the labels on everything! Gluten hides in weird foods

2. ASK if items are gluten free never assume {or you’ll poop your pants for 2 weeks like I did}

3. NATURAL is best. The less processed a food is the better it is for you and the less likely it will contain hidden gluten

4. COOK your meals at home. I find when I cook my own meals I feel 100% better about knowing what’s inside. 

5. MAKE IT KNOWN that you have an allergy. It doesn’t matter if it’s nuts, gluten, or corn or if it’s a mild to serve reaction. If you have an allergy make it known. Let’s not be the obnoxious person at the party announcing it at every chance but mention it to the cook so they can steer you away from eating foods you shouldn’t. 

6. EDUCATE yourself. Knowing where you most likely will find your allergen is half the battle!

I hope this helps someone out there not make a silly mistake like I did! 


No, I didn’t Die {I’m still blogging}

I must apologize to all of you for not blogging! The last 2 weeks have been beyond insane for me. First, off I am still trying to learn how to work 5 days a week and do everything I used to do each week when I only worked 2 or 3 days a week. I’m whole heartedly in love with my new job but that doesn’t make the adjustment period any easier. I actually thought I had it down to a new science and then the last 2 weeks happened. 

1. I got sick {like green in the face, feverish, think i might poop my pants sick} That lasted awhile. I assumed it was a virus but it wasn’t. For all of you with weird allergies and special diets you might want to read about my mistake that cost me almost 2 weeks! 

2. I over booked my life. I scheduled myself to pick up extra shifts at the hospital, a concert 5 hours away for my Prince Charming, and a 4 day trip for my anniversary. All wonderful events that I really enjoyed BUT that means I have not had a day off with nothing to do but relax, blog, and clean my house in weeks!

3. I thought I had my posts scheduled to post while I was out of town but obviously I screwed that all up because, not one post has appeared since I left. BAD JESSICA! I actually feel really bad that I didn’t check on my blog and assumed everything was going  according to plan but that’s what happens when your pooping your pants, and driving 24+ hours over 2 weekends! 

Moral of the story pooping your pants sucks and your blog is like  baby it might die if you don’t check on it everyday! 

Thank you everyone who stopped by, left comments, and e-mailed me to make sure I had not died! It really means a lot to me to know you noticed I was missing in action! Now without further  delay I shall get blogging! 




Sparkles of Inspiration Link Up Party ~ Week 9

 Sparkles of Inspiration Link Up Party

A Link up Party is a place for bloggers to gather and share some of there favorite posts so other bloggers and readers can see them, share them, comment, and read them. It’s an awesome way to share the posts you love and find new blogs to read!  As you link up your posts I  look at each one and share them via Pinterst, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sverve, Stumble up, Google+, or Unvihers! I’m all about gaining extra fans and visits for you! So, hurry up and get your post linked up so I can get to sharing!!!

Featured Posts

I am currently in love with a project Lynn from Fern Avenue shared: Maison Blanche Wrought Iron Desk Makeover! You will be swooning over how amazing her makeover turned out! Make sure you check out all of her other projects while you are there!

Sparkles of Inspiration Link Up Party: Featured Post @ www.sparklesandglue.comEveryone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for simple and cute. Jana, who blogs over at Merlot Mommy, found a way to combine both simple and cute and make my heart pitter patter with this Valentine WIne Cork Heart craft project! I have tons of left over wine corks {yea this girls loves a glass of wine!}. I think I will make a few of these and attach them to the bottles of wine I give as gifts to add a more personal touch! Sparkles of Inspiration Link Up Party: Featured Post @



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Mediterranean Tomato & Feta Salad

EASY Mediterranean feta & tomato Salad

My Prince Charming has a very kind patient who brings him garden fresh tomatoes to her appointments. His favorite are the perfect Roma tomatoes she brings him by the bag. While it’s very sweet of her to send so many tomatoes home with him it poses a unique challenge to me: how may dishes can I make featuring her delicious tomatoes! Challenge accepted and so was born the Mediterranean Tomato & Feta Salad which makes a perfect side dish, snack, or light lunch. 

What You Need
4 Roma Tomatoes
10 green olives
10 black olives
1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1/8 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon italian seasoning

Start off by dicing the tomatoes and olives. I like the olives from the deli section that are big, fresh, and scrum-diddily-umscious! If you want to save even more time you can usually find olives and feta cheese in oil in the deli section.

EASY Mediterranean feta & tomato Salad

Mix everything together and refrigerate. I think it taste best after chilling for about an hour by my Prince Charming says it taste the same whether he eats it right away or waits.  

EASY Mediterranean feta & tomato Salad


Mediterranean Tomato & Feta Salad is such a healthy side side or snack that could easily replace more fattening side dishes. It’s full of good healthy fats and vitamins! 

Do you have a dish that features tomatoes?

Please comment below


Oreo Stuffed Brownies {is your mouth watering yet?}

Oreo Stuffed Brownies

Today I woke up craving brownies for breakfast but I also kind of wanted Oreo cookies Oh and a glass of milk! That’s a healthy breakfast right? It included milk. Milk can be good for you. Maybe not but I kept craving these sweets all darn day which lead me to create my new favorite treat Oreo Stuffed Brownies. Yes, I stuffed Oreo cookies inside brownies and ate them all up!


What You Need

1 box brownie mix or use this brownie recipe

1 package Oreo cookies


It is this simple spray your pan with some oil, line it with Oreo cookies, top with brownie batter, and bake!

Oreo Stuffed Brownies

Oreo Stuffed Brownies

Oreo Stuffed Brownies

Oreo Stuffed Brownies

I made these for the 4th of July and they were all done in minutes! 

What’s your favorite sweet treat to enjoy?


Sparkles of Inspiration Link up Party ~ Week 8

Sparkles of Inspiration Link Up Party


It’s My link up party and I’ll dance around if I want to {even if my Price Charming looks at me a little funny} I tried to teach him the Link up Party dance but he decided against it, maybe it’s for the better. So it’s that time! Everyone needs to sift through their posts and pick their favorites to share with all of us at the Sparkles of Inspiration Link Up Party! As your posts are shared I look at each one and share them via Pinterst, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sverve, Stumble up, Google+, or Unvihers! I’m all about gaining extra fans and visits for you! So, hurry up and get your post linked up so I can get to sharing!!!

Featured Posts

Tara, from Anything & Everything, is one of my favorite bloggers! She has such an awesome site with some of my favorite ideas! She just participated in the Great Crate Challenge and created an awe inspiring super simple hold your breath your going to love it wine rack! I might be a little biased since I love wine so much but who doesn’t! 

Sparkles of Inspiration Link up Party

Ok, so anyone who knows me will call me out on this one! I’m sharing this as a featured post because, the recipe is really easy, it’s gluten free, and most normally people like onion rings! It’s a definite winner! I still hate onions more than any other food but again normal people will love them as did my Prince Charming! I just don’t want any of my crazy friends getting the wrong idea and thinking for even a spit second that I ate something with onions cuz I didn’t!  Thank you Kathy from Smile for No Reason for Linking up! 

Sparkles of Inspiration LInk Up Party!


Need a little fitness motivation after eating all those onion rings?

Check out 7 Tip to Survive Crossfit Classes! 
7 Tips for Surviving Crossfit

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Need a Laugh Friday: Everyone Poops #NALF

You know your friends are really your friends when you can have conversations about poop…

“I pooped 3 times today that’s a pooping record…”

“I was in the (public) bathroom pooping when he came knocking on the door to check on me…awkward”

“is your poop ever green?”

These are normal talking points for my friends and I and I’m guessing you have had a little stinky poo poo conversations in your life time but enough talk let’s get to laughing because I Need a Laugh… Need a Laugh Friday #NALF Need a Laugh Friday #NALF Need a Laugh Friday #NALF Need a Laugh Friday #NALF Need a Laugh Friday #NALF Need a Laugh Friday #NALF Need a Laugh Friday #NALF

Thank you world wide web for some many things that make me laugh!!! It’s the only thing that keeps my sane somedays!  


7 Tips to Survive Crossfit

7 Tips for Surviving Crossfit

I mentioned in an earlier post (READ it now) that I was joining a local crossfit gym. I have been going for a month now and I have heard lots of tips, tricks, advice, and warnings from others. I thought I should share my 7 best tips to survive crossfit as a new-bee (now all you have to do is join!)

1. HYDRATION: OMG I can’t stress enough on how important drinking water is. You are going to sweat like a teenager husking corn for the summer. If you’re not hydrated you won’t be able to push as hard and your going to feel like crap. After my second class I felt like I had a hangover but after rehydrating I felt great!

2. ASK QUESTIONS: You are going to be doing so many exercises, moves, weights, and other stuff you probably have not done before. If you don’t understand a move ask so you don’t get hurt. Plus doing something half ass isn’t going to get you the same results.

3. EAT PROTEIN: When your working your muscle to their extreme they will require protein to repair themselves and grow. I’ve been eating lean meats, eggs, nuts, and drinking shakes with protein.

4. REST: One bonus of doing such a difficult workout is that when bedtime rolls around you will be more than ready to sleep which is fantastic because you need rest so you can continue to push yourself farther each day.

5. KEEP MOVING: You are probably going to hurt I mean you feel like a train hit you  but you have to keep moving. On my off days I go for walks and try to move around as much as possible even if every step I take makes me want to cry like a kid who had his candy taken away by a bully. Sitting around will just make you hurt more and feel stiff. 

6. STRETCH: Stretching will also make you feel better after a workout. I stretch a few times a day everyday to keep myself feeling flexible and warding off stiffness. You can take less than a minute here and there to stretch just about anywhere and it will keep you feeling great!

7. KEEP SHOWING UP: This might be the hardest tip to follow but it’s the most important. I wake up feeling sore, stiff, and tired. I stare at the ceiling and a little voice in my head says “take the day off, rest, sleep in”  and then another bigger stronger voice chimes in and says “get your lazy fat ass up and make something of yourself” I keep getting up and forcing myself to go no matter how tired, stiff, and sore I am and it’s paying off! 

I hope these tips help you keep going and going and going until you reach your goals! 

Comment Below if you have a tip to help keep other motivated and working hard toward their goals!


Blogland Tour: Meet my New Friends!

blogland tour at

One of the funnest parts of being a blogger is getting to meet so many new people: bloggers, readers, and strangers who become friends. The Blogland tour is an awesome way for us all to get to know each other a little better. I was super excited when Cori from the Flying C invited me to join her blogtour! She has some awesome ideas and projects going on…

Like this super easy Modge Podge Transfer technique! I will be trying this soon to update a table that I like but it feels really boring…

Blogland tour

I’m also feeling really inspired by her Real Milk Paint Weathered Bentwood chairs! This would be a perfect addition to any home! I’m a huge fan of easy techniques that looks so great! 

Blogland tour


On to my BlogLand Tour!


What am I working on right now?

Right now my life is a little crazy, I quit my job of 7 years and started a new job, finished a round of IVF, announced my pregnancy, lived through my miscarriage, and blogged about it all. I have trimmed back my projects for the time being but I’m still working on finishing my guest bedroom and sharing it with all of you. It’s been a huge project since the room used to be my craft room and it was filled to the brim with stuff. It’s been cleaned up now and I’m on to painting and creating an appealing atmosphere for my in laws. I’m also working on building a better me, getting in shape, and being more healthy. You can read about some of my healthy recipes, weight loss tips,  or follow along with my progress in Crossfit!

Crossfit Diaries: Kicking Lazy's A** www.sparklesandglue.com5 Smoothie Recipes

How is my work different from others?

I write from my own life and that makes what I do unique to me. I also embrace all the imperfections and areas of my life. I don’t post on one single topic I write about everything and anything that comes up and makes me happy. I have been told over and over to pick a niche and stick with it but my niche happens to be my life and I love sharing it with all of you! Most of the pictures I post are my pictures from my life not stock images, I really cook everything I share with you, and my stories come from my heart {whether they make my heart leap with joy or pain with sorrow}. I also aim for real stuff when I am posting. I don’t use spices that are $10 for a pinch or supplies that average Joe couldn’t easily find. I keep it real ;) 

Why do I write and create the the stuff I do?

I write about what makes me happy. I figure if it makes me happy hey it might make you happy too. When I’m sad I share that too and it helps me and has helped some of you. I appreciate the love and support I have gotten and given to complete strangers. I write and create to enrich your life and mine. I share stuff that excites me like my Sriracha Chicken Egg rolls, they are unique and delicious and make me smile when I’m making them and eating them! If I don’t get excited about something I don’t expect you to get excited and then we will all die of boredom and it will be my fault…not cool.

Sriracha Chicken Eggs Rolls

How does my writing/ creative process work?

I tend to start a post with a picture. I’m out there in the world living my day to day life and I see something that needs it’s picture taken and I’m there to take it! Then I immediately start thinking about sharing it with all of you! I also have a file on my phone where I jot down ideas that lead to posts later when I’m chillin’ in front of my computer. For me a photo really is worth a thousand words or at least 300-500 words in a fun post :)  My pictures inspire me to write it’s very rare I have written a post and need a picture. 

 I spend a lot of time browsing and reading others blogs and I feel like I really get to know bloggers as I read there stories. One of my favorite blogs to read is Feed Me, Seymour! Kim Never runs out of delicious ideas! BlogLand Tour

Hi! My name is Kim and I’ve been running the food blog Feed Me, Seymour for around 3 years now. I started it as a way to write more and keep accountable when it came to cooking and learning new recipes. Now, I use it as a way to challenge myself, testing new recipes and trying new ideas. It’s become a great hobby that I really love. I also spend lots of time with my husband, daughter and two dogs, Robin Hood and Lego. BlogLand Tour

Megan is Minnesota girl living on the East Coast with her Coast Guard husband. Megan blogs at The Adventures of Noble & Pond about marriage, pets, tea, sewing, and and anything else that strikes the fancy of this Coast Guard wife.  I guarantee that you will find something to enjoy on her blog!

BlogLand Tour

Christine is the wandering blogger behind Curried Cantaloupe, a food blog inspired by her time spent as an American expat. You’ll find homestyle American dishes, Mexican, French, Chinese, and many other food styles as you browse her blog. When she’s not in the kitchen, Christine likes learning languages, scuba diving, drinking coffee and wine, and spending time with her 3 year old. Christine never runs out of delicious recipes I want to try! 

I hope you have enjoyed the BlogLand Tour, getting to know me, and some of my friends a little better. It’s always fun when we can share a little about ourselves! 


A Month Without: September #AMWO Weight Loss Motivation

A Month Without: August Update Gluten Free

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit or build a new one so I’m going to make some changes one month at a time. I encourage you to join me as I strive to be a healthier me. I selected each goal for my month with hopes that I can adapt a new habit based off of my month without. The last 2 months have been tough but not too tough for me! Each month gets a little harder …

Here are my Month Without goals…

January- exceeding 2000 calories a day

February- red meat

March- carbonated drinks

April- pastries & cookies

May- ice cream

June- alcohol

July- chocolate DID IT! Read my July update to see how it went!

August- gluten NAILED IT and FEELING GREAT

September- sweets & candy

October- fast food

November- pasta

December- white bread

A Month WIthout Sugar & Sweets #AMWO

September is going to be one of the hardest months yet! I swear sugar is as addictive as crack not that I have tried crack but I get as crazy as a junkie needing a fix {which I have seen first hand} I get tired, cranky, and I have a hard time thinking about anything else. I want cupcakes for breakfast, cheesecake for lunch, ice cream for dinner, and gummy worms for my bedtime snack. 

My plan is to drink lots of water, focus my meals on protein, and continue to exercise. I’m hoping these steps will help keep me on track and meet my goal of a month without #AMWO sugar & sweets. I will update you on my progress. If you don’t hear back from me then you know I died from sugar withdrawal and it was nice knowing you :)

What’s your #AMWO goal? Let’s make changes and become better together!